The Importance of Volunteers

“Successful schools foster partnerships with parents, respect cultural differences, and promote community involvement “(Taylor, 1997).

As Leslie and I prepared for our last open house for this year, I was extremely grateful as I looked around at the many parent volunteers who came to help us with the tours. In our open house presentation, we discuss the importance of volunteerism at our school. We know we cannot do all that we do without parental support and volunteers contributing to our school community. Our school mission states that teacher and parents work together to create an inclusive community of learning.

In the Basic School, the circle of community extends outward to embrace parents, who are viewed as the child’s first and most important teachers. A partnership is created between the home and school and is strengthened when the child formally enrolls, and continues from kindergarten through high school (Boyer, 1995).

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Educate the Child, Not the Label

Recently I was scanning through my professional articles when the title, “Educate The Child, Not the Label” caught my attention. This blog post written by Haley Gottlieb on the ASCD Smart Brief blog had me sit straight up with full attention. For the past several years I have felt passionate about this topic. Quite often you may hear me ask, “ Ok, so now that we know this diagnosis/label, what are we going to do differently for this child?” Our belief and philosophy is to teach the whole child. This means we look at each child’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. If we only look at one area, one label, or one assessment, we are not meeting the needs of our children. Continue reading