Dear CSD Community,

Each week we send a “week ahead” email to our staff that charts out both the details and big picture for the week ahead. We share articles and thoughts that are on our minds as leaders in hopes of inspiring our staff and ourselves to be at our best for the students and entire CSD community. Today, at the start of Spring Break, it strikes us that the words we shared this week with staff are just as relevant to you, our amazing parents. We know that just like our teachers, you give selflessly on behalf of your families and on behalf of this school community. We cherish the fact that you embrace our commitment to inclusiveness and that you, like we, care about the lives and welfare of all children rather than just our own.

But we also realize that, like us, your deep commitment to leaving the world better than you found it comes at a cost. It can leave you moving so fast from obligation to obligation that you miss the beautiful things that are happening right before your eyes. We hope that the words we shared with staff this week will inspire you. Even committed, caring people need boundaries. Without them, we drain ourselves both emotionally and physically, which is counter-productive to achieving our own goals and pursuing our own good intentions. In this season of renewal and hope, we urge you to find the lines that protect #whatmatters in your lives and in our school community.

Here’s what we as staff and administrators have promised ourselves going forward:

  • We will stop emailing in the evenings and on weekends.
  • We will acknowledge that we must leave room and energy for our own families.
  • We will shed any guilt we’ve allowed ourselves to carry over keeping the needs of our own families primary.

We send you off on Spring Break with the words that we shared with our staff just this past Sunday evening. We hope they will bring you some clarity as you head into this new season.

 . . . Stop.  Take a minute.  Breathe. Live with open and loving hearts.  Assume the best. Try hard not to judge.  Be kind.   Walk a little slower, and see, I mean really see, the gifts around us.  They are everywhere!  Draw better parameters to protect your personal lives so that you can attend to your own loved ones and yourselves.  When you are at school, we admit that we want your 100% for the good of these kids who are under our care, but at the end of the day, you must turn to your own lives and loved ones.  Days can be long but years seem to move at warp speed so just slow down and cherish the gifts that we are given daily, both in our jobs and in our personal lives.

Never forget #whatmatters.

Happy Spring Break everyone!

Joy, Leslie, Marianne, Connie, and Juli


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